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FIBARO Door/Window Sensor

Door/Window Sensor

The Door/window sensor is a battery powered reed sensor. Its operation under the z-wave standard guarantees compatibility with the Fibaro Intelligent System and other Z-Wave gateways. The sensor expands the capabilities of the system by monitoring the opening of doors, windows and garage doors. It is used in automatic light control, access control and home security systems. Installation of the Door / Window Sensor in your home increases the safety and comfort of its inhabitants. It also eliminates the risk of high fees for heating or air conditioning. In addition, the module can be equipped with a temperature sensor, and use the built-in binary input.


The Door/window sensor combines the functionality of 4 devices:

Reed sensorReed

Binary inputBinary

Temperature sensorTemperature

Scenes switchScenes

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor Graphite

1) Reed sensor


Installation of reed sensors in your home will provide the HOME CENTER 2 with additional information, which can be used to control other components within the Fibaro system. The module checks the condition of the opening and closing of any window or door. An opened window canl prevent the system from launching heating or air conditioning in a particular room. Therefore, you will not be exposed to unnecessary costs. When mounting reed sensor on the front door, you can turn on the lights automatically when opening the door and/or run a pre-programmed scene e.g. “Return home”. In addition, the Door / Window Sensor can be used as an unauthorized intrusion alarm sensor. These are just some of the capabilities of the Door / Window Sensor.


Door & Windows
Door & Windows

Garage doorGarage


Fibaro Door/Window Sensor White

2) Wireless entry sensor


The Door/Window Sensor may be used together with the HOME CENTER 2 to control other features. Once the Door/Window Sensor input is connected with a typical wall switch it can control other devices within the Fibaro system. The idea behind it is to enable the user to place a previously unplanned switch in a chosen location without ever having to wire cables. The number and location of existing switches no longer limit the arrangement of your interior. The Door/Window Sensor can easily and non-intrusively take up the role of this element of the home electrical system.

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor wireless entry sensor

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor wireless entry sensor

3) Temperature sensor


The Door/Window Sensor module also works with the DS18B20 temperature sensor (sold separately). This tiny element is installed in the module inputs and added to the Fibaro System. Its installation is very easy. Simply place three leads into the inputs and secure them using the screws. The temperature sensor can greatly expand the number of features available with the Home Center 2. The reed sensor feeds the Fibaro System with information about an open door or window allowing the temperature sensor to collect the necessary data for automatic ventilation of a room without excessive cooling. The temperature sensor may also be used during the planning of a temperature profile at the heating panel.

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor temperature sensor

*DS18B20 sensor is sold separately

4) Pre programed scenes switch


The Door / Window Sensor has a unique feature in which it can automatically trigger pre-programmed scenes. To start a scene on the level of electrical installation has been difficult until now.  It required a Fibaro module, previously installed in an electrical device, which would then start a scene. This solution was not intuitive enough so to meet customer demand we gave the Door / Window Sensor the additional functionality to start scenes. Simply connect a traditional light switch or any sensor (e.g. motion detector) to the FIBARO module to trigger a pre-programmed scene to start. Therefore you can create a wireless, battery powered switch for multiple devices ready to work within a short time.


Fibaro Door/Window Sensor Scenes

Button “leaving home / homecoming”  as on/off in the pre-defined devices.

Connect a traditional switch to the FIBARO module and indicate a pre-programmed scene in HC2 to start.  Make a number of clicks on switch an indicator to run a specific scene.

Switch, which in conjunction with the RFID reader (e.g. car module) will open the gate to the property, raise the door to the garage, start ventilation inside, turn on lights  on the driveway and the road to the house, and finally closes the gate.
Fibaro Door/Window Sensor scenes switch

Extremely compact

The Door/window Sensor is extremely compact and is the smallest unit of this type available on the market. Its extremely lightweight and thin design makes it almost invisible on any window and door.


Fibaro Door/Window Sensor extremely compact

Easy and fast installation

Installation of the module is very simple. Just remove it from the box, open the case, remove protective film on the battery and stick it on the surface with the double-sided tape (included). Low power consumption enables up to 2 years of battery life. The system will notify you in advance if battery becomes low. Current battery consumption is always visible in HOME CENTER 2 configuration panel.
Fibaro Door/Window Sensor easy and fast installation

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor easy and fast installation

Intuitive installation

The user-friendly interface ensures an easy and intuitive way of adding devices to Fibaro System. Door/Window Sensor installation is extremely simple and does not exceed 3 minutes.

Adding sensor to Home Center 2

1) Go to the DEVICES section and click the “Add” button.
2) Home Center 2 will be set to LEARNING MODE.
3) Click the button at the back of the sensor’s casing.
4) Your Fibaro Door/Window Sensor is ready to operate.

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor intuitive installation


Wireless update*

The FIBARO Door / Window Sensor has been designed to receive wireless software updates. Every upgrade of the device takes place seamlessly and without any action. Full automation of the software update is done with comfort and safety guaranteed by the Fibaro team.

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor update



The Fibaro Door / Window Sensor is available in seven colors. Select the best color match to your home interior designs and enjoy the undisturbed beauty, security and comfort.

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor customized



Click to download the door/window sensor manual.Fibaro Door/Window Sensor manual



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