Gulf Automation Systems Co.



Gulf Automation Systems Co. (GAS) is a Kuwaiti owned Company specialized in the fields of Industrial & Residential Automation Solutions. Our expertise accommodates for a wide variety of applications customized to suit the needs of our clients.

These applications range from small residential buildings to large Industrial plants and factories. The scope of activities undertaken by GAS comprise of all Low Voltage Solutions, such as, IT Works, Security Systems, Audio & Video Solutions, Smart Homes, Building Management Systems, Solar Power Solutions, Transportation Management Systems etc.

01. Our Vision

GAS is not only committed to deliver innovative solutions to its valued customers, but is also committed to be a world-class solutions’ provider for both governmental and private sectors. In addition, GAS always thrives to be an elite leader in the Residential and Industrial Automation Markets, by delivering high standard services and engineering solutions.

02. Our Mission

Maximizing our presence in the industry by providing quality systems and services to our customers. Innovatively deliver state of the art smart technology solutions that empower our customers and enables them to take control, develop and grow.

Our Partners


Company History

We are the exclusive partners of GEOVAP in the middle east which is a technology provider in the fields of Industrial Automation, SmartGrid, GeoSpatial, and Document Management.

GEOVAP was founded in the year 1991. Thier software is used to manage real-world assets to reduce costs and improve services and operational efficiency.

GEOVAP in cooperation with its subsidiary TECO is the leader of development, production, and implementation of Intelligent Automation for Technologies, Buildings, Transport and Machines.

GEOVAP’s operations are organised into four business segments:

Industrial Automation 

  • Reliance SCADA/HMI system for the monitoring and control of industrial processes and building automation.
  • Development and commissioning of Dispatching Systems for utility
  • Home and Building Automation Project

Smart Grid Solutions

  • AVE 2 smart metering system for automatic remote data reading
  • Implementation of metering information systems for utilities – gas, electricity, water, e.g.

GeoSpatial Solutions

  • Marushka – software technology for geospatial data management and web mapping
  • GIS software for data acquisiton and maintenance
  • Implementation of information systems for utilities – electricity, gas, water, and telecommunications which includes technical documentation, engineering, operations and  network maintenance.
  • 3D Laserscanning software and services

Document Management

  • GDMS robust document management system (DMS) for processing, managed workflow and archiving of documents
  • Development documents portals and solutions
  • Customer support and training.

TECO a.s. has an established history of more than 95 years in the industry. Below are some of their milestones throughout the years.


B.K. Prchalove – telephone and telegraph device manufacturing


Integration of Prchal-Ericsson & Co. into TESLA company


Development and manufacturing of Tecomat TC700 – new generation of modular PLC


Development and manufacturing of Tecomat Foxtrot – the latest generation of the compact PLC from Teco


Partnership with Gulf Automation Systems Co. in Kuwait


Partnership of Gulf Automation Systems Co. with GEOVAP & Reliance in Czech Republic


Partnership with Gulf Automation Systems Co. in Kuwait